Why You Need to Blend Traditional and Online Marketing

Nowadays, marketing is primarily concerned with its digital side, which means that the vast majority of promotions, campaigns, and commercials are conducted online.

The vast majority of experts believe that online marketing is the only feasible option and that social media campaigns, email newsletters, and website advertisements will have the greatest impact.

Now, that is mostly correct because a substantial section of the population is, in fact, online the majority of the time. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, continues to have an influence in the marketing world because not everyone is online all of the time.

Traditional Marketing Still Works

People keep on watching television, listening to the radio, and reading the newspaper. It’s also important to remember that some things perform better when they are promoted online, while others perform better when they are promoted in person. After all, you can’t taste a new drink or savor the smell of a new deodorant via a website. The key is to combine a little bit of both in order to have the greatest possible impact from marketing campaigns. Below, you’ll find some of the most effective methods for combining digital and conventional marketing.

Advertising on Offline & Online Platforms

Advertisement’s primary goal is to raise awareness of a company or a brand among a particular audience, as well as to promote specific products, services, or features. For every marketer, the ultimate goal is to attract and convert as many individuals as possible to their product or service offering. From that standpoint, concentrating just on digital or traditional marketing will not yield the best results. Instead, it will only cover a subset of the online or offline audience, depending on the situation.

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Pepsi, for example, suffered a significant economic loss when it decided to completely abandon traditional television advertising in favor of social media marketing.

In fact, both traditional and digital advertising operates on the same premise of attracting different types of clients; yet, sacrificing one for the sake of the other may be detrimental to a company’s bottom line. Online advertisements may communicate a message swiftly and efficiently to an audience on social media and networks, whereas offline advertisements, such as television commercials, can deliver a message to an audience in a physical location.

In order to reach the most number of customers possible, it is critical for a marketer to concentrate on both channels of communication.

Use Online Marketing Strategies for Offline Sales

Let’s face it, the majority of marketing efforts are carried out online, mostly due to the large number of people who are active on social media and networking sites, as well as online communities and blogs. The technology didn’t actually create anything new in marketing per se; rather, it digitalized what was already being done.

However, digital marketing has brought a load of new techniques and tactics into being, in addition to being significantly faster and more efficient than traditional marketing methods. Although many traditional marketing tactics continue to be effective, declaring that they are dead or dying is just incorrect. Many classic marketing methods continue to be effective.

In the case of a newly-opened bakery or a brand-new bricks-and-mortar business, placing an online campaign is a good approach to raise awareness, but you cannot taste the food or try on the clothes online.

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It’s just that there are so many more retail establishments to choose from, and a simple online campaign will not get much attention for them. Alternatively, you might use classic marketing techniques in order to bring customers into your store and make a purchase.

Using traditional means to visually merchandise your goods such as simply using traditional printing services to capture a moment in an image, while using a digital billboard to tell a story that will compliment both your visual merchandising and your displayed goods, is where old and new come together to create something new. As a result, once you have attracted customers through traditional marketing and piqued their interest, you can use their testimonials to further promote your online marketing effort. Not to mention the positive word-of-mouth publicity generated by delighted clients on social media.

Promote Your Products Both Online and Offline

The fact is, brand awareness draws attention, and sales promotions bring in customers. However, no matter how effective your brand’s awareness campaign is, not everyone will embrace it. It is possible that people are aware of your brand, but this does not imply that they will get engaged with it, especially if they are people who do not enjoy spending a lot of time online.

As a result, concentrating sales efforts on social media, for example, will cause you to lose out on certain potential consumers. Instead, try concentrating your sales efforts on both digital and traditional channels, providing a message to your online audience while advertising discounts and coupons through magazines and brochures for those that are still in the market..

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In addition, using traditional marketing to encourage consumers to visit a website and proceed through your marketing funnel is a wonderful approach to combine the benefits of both marketing methods and achieve the best possible outcome for your campaign.

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