Using RSS To The Best Effect

One important way to monetize your blog and increasing the traffic is to use something called Really Simple Syndication (RSS). This is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog posts, headlines and news articles from portals, blogs (WordPress has this built in) and even podcasts.)

In your business blog, users can read your content using a piece of software called an RSS reader, which is the software utilized for that. These programs are also called “feed readers” or “aggregators”. Then the users subscribe to a feed by entering the feed’s link into the reader or by clicking an RSS icon in the browser.

There are many topics and various different kinds of information that can be delivered in RSS format such as blog feeds, article feeds, forum feeds, schedule feeds, discount and special offer feeds, news feeds and many others. According to a survey of marketers last year it showed that a startling 33% were starting to use RSS feeds because customers were demanding it from them.

The most successful bloggers agree with the idea that if you are not using RSS you will not attract attention from readers because content is syndicated and shared all over the web. Also, RSS syndicates your content and makes it available to other sites and blogs. This helps you to reach a wider audience, and connect with a large number of people in a shorter time. It is also a secure channel that can’t be spammed and it allows subscribers to control the flow of information they receive.

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Besides this, RSS feeds are compiled and configured according to the users preferences. They don’t involve you in piracy issues and the whole process is completely anonymous. When the content you have in your blog is syndicated it also attracts inbound links and the increases the possibility of improving your ranking in search engines.

More visibility is one of the principal benefits of having RSS feeds, bringing you qualified visitors. These visitors will trust you and your business. They can also quickly scan headlines and you should use that to promote your business in a very clever and subtle way; some people don’t like to read much, but if you summarize the information they will be encouraged to click into the article and read it.

The benefits with RSS are many. Your users will feel satisfied with receiving fresh information, and marketers and business bloggers will dramatically improve their search engine optimization from web pages and also improve the search rank. Traffic will also increase with new content in less than 48 hours and you will always have new sources of traffic if your web pages are always updated. It will increase the number of subscribers and will lead to more income from advertising revenue.

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