Using Digg To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Digg was set up to be a “best of the web” social networking portal. It is a place where you can go to find the latest and best of the internet. In the short time that Digg has been live, it has become one of the most important social networks on the internet. It has become so important that people are selling “diggs”!

Here are the best ways to get traffic from Digg:

1. Make sure that you have a way for people to easily nominate your most recent post or article to the network. If you use WordPress there is a plug-in called Share This that you will want to install. The easier it is for people to submit your stuff to Digg, the more often you will be submitted and the more new people will click through to your site from the network.

2. As soon as your post has been approved on the network, hit your own network hard—send an email out telling everyone that you’ve been “dugg” and asking them to “digg” you. The more diggs you get, the higher up you will rise in the network. The higher you rise, the more people will click on the link and visit your website!

3. Make sure that your writing has catchy titles. You would be amazed at how many people will digg something or click through the network to your site based on your titles alone. Try to come up with titles that excite the reader’s imagination. The more interesting the titles, the more clicks your site will get!

Web traffic and ranking How are they connected?

4. Keep the content on your site readable. While it is great to get some extra clicks from Digg, you want to turn those drive bys into return visitors. Keep your content interesting. The longer you can keep a person reading your site on their first visit, the more likely they are to return for new material.

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