Some Simple Ways To Monetize your Blog

Selling Private Advertising or “Direct” Advertising is a goal of many bloggers.While there are plenty of revenue sharing advertising programs available (Adsense, TextLinkAds, BlogAds, etc), they only offer you a portion of the profits made from the sale of advertising on your site. You are doing all of the work; designing, writing, taking photos, link building, SEO marketing and, often, these advertising programs don’t even give you half of what they make off of your work!So, why not go after the private advertisers?Many people simply aren’t sure how to effectively sell advertising.Here are a few tips to help you find private advertisers for your blog.

1.Do some research.Look at other bloggers in your niche and make a note of any direct advertising you see.Contact the advertisers and offer them space on your blog as well.Keep in mind that, if you are new to blogging, you will not be able to charge the same rates as a highly popular blogger.

2.Go after the Adsense advertisers.Again, do a keyword search to see which advertisers are buying PPC advertising through programs like Adsense.They will probably be very receptive to buying advertising directly.Some companies might even prefer the direct advertising method because they will know that you are receiving the funds and not having to split them with another company.

3.Place blank banners or text on your site saying something like “Advertise here!” If you do not let your readers know that you have private advertising space available, you have a much smaller chance of finding any private advertising.

4.Forums.If you have ever visited a Forum like V7N or Digital Point you have seen the boards that are dedicated to the buying and selling of website advertising.Forums are a great place to advertise space on your site, but keep in mind that you will probably have to deal with a lot of low offers along with the few worthwhile offers you will receive.

Blogging Away Debt

The best way to get private or direct advertising on your blog is to create a blog that people want to be associated with.Build your readership steadily and make sure that you are highly ranked and have a respectable amount of back links.By providing quality content, you will be offering advertisers incentive to buy space on your site.Who wouldn’t want to buy advertising on a site that is popular?

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