12 Top Keyword Research Strategies for Bloggers

We all know that to make money on the internet, you should build a blog. But what if you’re not sure what kind of blog you should be building? Should you write about the topics that interest you? Or will that lead you into an endless spiral of writing about topics that don’t pay?

Well, in this post, I’m going to show you the top 12 keyword research strategies for bloggers.

It is important that you find your keywords before starting your blog. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot of time writing articles that do not produce much in the way of revenue.

Here are the top 12 strategies that I have found most useful in the past.

  1. Look at the current hot topics in forums

The first thing you should do when you start a new blog is to look at the current hot topics across forums in your niche. If there are forums with millions of members, you can get a good idea of the keywords people are using. This is a very effective strategy because it means that your keywords have already been tested. If you find the forum is full of people who use the same keywords, you are likely to struggle to get any traffic from it. This is because your niche is not a new one, so there is little chance of people searching for the same words and your articles are likely to be ignored.

  1. Search for the current search engine terms

Search engines have a number of different strategies to rank keywords. One of the more interesting ones is to look at what people are currently searching for on Google. If you are thinking about starting a blog on a topic you have not written about before, then this is a very effective way of finding what people are searching for. You can use the Google Trends tool to find this out.

  1. Go through Amazon keyword tools
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This is probably my second most effective method. The Amazon keyword tool allows you to set a list of words and get results of the number of times they were searched. This will give you a good idea of how popular a word is. However, it does not tell you how competitive it is. Therefore, you need to use other tools to determine this.

  1. Use Google autocomplete

Another great tool to use is Google Autocomplete. Using this tool you can input a search term and see what comes up in the dropdown.

  1. Use WordStream

WordStream has both a free trial and a paid subscription. The free trial allows you to run 10 searches. If you use the free version of WordStream you will be able to run 100 searches for free. The paid version of WordStream allows you to run unlimited searches.

  1. Get support from other bloggers

Many bloggers are very helpful. You should try to find bloggers in your niche and ask them how they did it. You can also go through the comments sections on blogs in your niche. Most bloggers are happy to help if you ask.

  1. Do a Google AdWords search

When you are looking to start a blog, you will need to advertise it. To do this, you will need to use Google AdWords. This can be a bit tricky but once you understand it, it is an easy way to generate some extra income.

  1. Go to a popular forum

This is similar to tip 1 but with a twist. Go to a forum with a large membership. If the forum is full of people searching for the keywords you are targeting, then you are likely to struggle to get traffic to your blog. If the forum is not full of people searching for the keywords, you are likely to struggle to get a lot of followers.

  1. Look at what the top posts are
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When you are looking at forums, the top posts are often the most successful. If you look at the top posts in a forum that is full of people searching for the keywords, you will likely be able to find out what they are doing. You could also use the Google Trends tool to look at the keywords that have been searched in the forum.

  1. Search for the keywords in Google

Look at the number of people that are searching for the keywords in Google. If there are lots of people searching for the keywords, then you are likely to struggle to get traffic to your blog.

  1. Check the blogs that are linking to your site

This is another way of finding what people are searching for. When you are starting a blog, you need to be careful about what links you use. If you use a lot of low quality links, then you may end up with a link profile that looks bad. This will make it difficult for people to find you.

  1. Use social media networks

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to see what people are searching for. You can also use Facebook to find people in your niche. They will often have a profile picture, which you can then use to find more information about them.

I hope these 12 ways to find undefined will help you in your journey towards making money on the internet.

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