Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for building a unique, professional profile and connecting with professionals in any industry. The issue is that many people aren’t using LinkedIn to its full potential, which means they’re missing opportunities worth exploring.

The most efficient way to use LinkedIn is to develop long-term strategies. Though sometimes it can be difficult, slow, and a pain in the neck, you will see excellent outcomes with a good plan.

Strategies for using LinkedIn include: identifying your target area of interest or industry, focusing on one key metric such as increasing the number of connections per day, periodically reviewing new content from members in your network and engaging with them politely, dividing your time sensibly between growth activities and maintenance activities, growing and sustaining a healthy professional network by going out of your comfort zone.

Build Connections With LinkedIn

One strategy to get more visibility is to create a schedule and post updates at regular intervals. Doing this will quickly improve your visibility.

You can begin by sharing your content on LinkedIn but, rather than posting an article in its entirety, use short snippets and add a catchy caption and relevant hashtags. Then, link back to your blog piece and watch the traffic flow in.

If you use appropriate hashtags and keywords for your content, you will have a better chance of being matched with the audience you want to attract.

3 ways to make your LinkedIn profile more engaging

Now that you, hopefully, understand how to reach more people let’s take a quick look at how to build trust and engagement with 3 simple tricks to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Social Media vs Reality: Perceptions Unveiled

Have a Professional LinkedIn Profile Photo


You don’t need to set up a specialist photoshoot to get a fantastic headshot, but if you do get one, it should never seem like your profile photo was just a mugshot. That is your professional face, after all, and the picture you are presenting to people who might not ever meet your true self. According to LinkedIn, a professional-looking image increases opportunities by 21 times and causes nine times more inbound links.

Ask for LinkedIn recommendations and get more likes.

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Don’t be afraid to ask people you know or clients you have worked with to provide you with recommendations. These act like testimonials, and they have the opportunity to not only grade you but also leave comments about your work. This can be a very powerful way to build trust and show new prospective clients that you are not only an expert in the subject matter but also trustworthy and easy to do business with.

Post regularly.

The algorithm favors those who upload regularly. If you don’t have the time, at least get yourself a couple of posts up every few days. Plan to post on a certain day of the week so that it becomes routine.

If you reference others people’s work then make sure you link to the creator’s title in your article. Providing people with props in their articles not only provides them with recognition but also reveals to your contacts that you care about the community and want to share with them some of your great details.

Interacting on Social Media - The Correct Way


To generate interest in yourself or your business, you need to have an online, LinkedIn presence. It’s not enough to create a company website and just leave it there, but then again, the same is true with any other marketing tool. You need to include LinkedIn with your other marketing efforts so that you can see results.

Building your LinkedIn account is going to take time, but it can be worth the wait even if you don’t see immediate benefits. The efficiency of this strategy will grow with every link you make and each post you share.

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