Can using a recruitment agency help you find the best talent?

Using a good recruitment agency is the most effective way to hire the top people. While LinkedIn and job websites are good places to begin, having the support of a professional recruiter will go a long way to helping you find the best people for your company. Over 70% of job searchers have applied for positions for which they are unqualified. Using a recruitment firm has a number of advantages, including weeding out people who don’t have the necessary abilities for the job.


Obtaining access to the most qualified candidates

Recruitment firms have access to a diverse pool of bright job seekers; at Cpl, we have a database of over one million CVs that is always expanding.

Job seekers with specialised skills do not always have the time to job hunt. Rather, they might enlist the support of industry specific recruiters to help them find a new role that best suits their skillset, experience and passion. The finest recruiters will recognise both technical aptitude and a candidate who shares your company’s values, resulting in a long-term successful hire.

One out of every three job applicants will change employment during the first year. Avoid this costly statistic by employing a recruitment firm to find the appropriate applicant.


You will save both time and money

Using a recruitment agency saves your company time and money when compared to hiring internally. So that businesses don’t have to, recruiters collect and review CVs, examine references, and filter talented job seekers using the best interview techniques.

Establish a working relationship with a staffing firm. A recruiter will hire the ideal people in a timely and cost-effective manner after they understand your business and goals.

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Industry knowledge

Specialist recruiters for specific industries are available from a decent recruitment agency. Partner with a recruitment firm that knows your business and can provide you with industry-specific knowledge of market trends, salary levels, and the skills you’ll need to succeed. Recruiters that specialise in a certain industry have access to applicants with unique skills.


Legal views from experts in the field of recruitment

The law governing recruitment is complicated and frequently misunderstood. Workplace diversity, maternity leave, salaries, and wrongful dismissals are all common sources of misunderstanding.

Recruiters are always up to date on recruitment law and will assist you in avoiding legal issues. At Cpl, we have a dedicated legal team that works with recruiters and businesses to ensure that employment legislation is followed throughout the hiring process and thereafter.


Facilitate corporate expansion and innovation

If you establish a relationship with your recruiter, they will be able to assist you in growing and strengthening your company. Our specialised recruiters at Cpl provide recruiting, training, and outsourcing services to businesses of all sizes, from creative start-ups to major multinationals.

Using a recruitment firm ensures that you locate the greatest individuals and receive assistance in maximising your company’s potential. Recruitment agencies supply more than simply people; they also provide talent and support to assist firms in growing.


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