Affiliates – Why You Must Collect Leads

If you are promoting other people’s products as an affiliate and buying traffic but not collecting leads you are throwing money away.

If you want to become a super affiliate you need to start marketing in a more professional manner. Like many affiliate marketers you have probably delved into the world of pay per click advertising and purchased traffic which you sent directly to your affiliate link hoping to make a few sales with little effort.

You may have made a profit and continued buying more traffic for more keywords in the hope of increasing your sales. But if you are just sending the visitors directly to your affiliate link the real person who benefits is the owner of the product you are promoting.

By sending visitors directly to your affiliate link you are allowing the product owner to collect the names and email addresses of interested prospects and follow up with them until a sale is made. If the prospect buys the product many days or even weeks later you will not get credit for the sale as most people now have automatic cookie cleaners so there will be no way to track that the person was originally referred by you. As well as this the prospect may turn out to be a long term customer who stays on the product owners list for many years making repeat sales for multiple products.

So you paid for the traffic and got no reward for your efforts but instead allowed the product owner to take all the profits. This is the challenge that affiliate marketers face and what separates super affiliates from everyone else is the fact that they do things differently and concentrate on building a long term business and not just short term profits. So instead of sending visitors directly to your affiliate link you need to create your own squeeze page and start collecting leads yourself from the traffic you are generating.

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Don’t go for the quick sale but think more long term and start building a business that will generate repeat sales. With so many products on the internet and so many new ones appearing everyday many people are experiencing information overload. This is the perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers to create unbiased review websites and newsletters that inform people about how good various products really are.

By providing people with honest opinions you will quickly build rapport and gain credibility which will also mean that when you do recommend a great product your subscribers will trust your opinion and your conversion rates will be above average.

So why not start a product review newsletter today and begin sending visitors to your squeeze page using an auto responder to collect leads which will allow you to send weekly broadcast messages to your list containing honest reviews for the latest products and services to hit the internet.

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