5 Secrets for Choosing Great Affiliate Products

One of the first things any affiliate marketer needs to do is to find great affiliate products to market. The type of products you decide to market are crucial to your affiliate marketing success, but how do you choose great affiliate products?

Great Affiliate Products are based on What People Want

No affiliate product is going to be a great product unless people actually want to buy it. The first secret therefore to choosing great affiliate products is to find out what people are looking for. Do market research in the field you are interested in and find out what people are looking for. Once you have done some market research and have a good idea of what people are looking for in that area then go and look for those products.

Great Affiliate Products offer Great Commission

Although the amount of commission may vary depending on the price of the item it is generally best to look for a commission of at least 50% unless it is a very high ticket item.

The Best Affiliate Programs offer Excellent Service

If you want great affiliate products then look for great affiliate programs that offer exceptional service to their affiliates. This service should include sales reports, training or newsletters for their affiliates and any extra service and support makes the affiliate program even better.

The Best Affiliate Programs offer a Tiered Structure

If you want great affiliate products then look for affiliate programs that offer a tiered structure. Tiered affiliate programs mean that you don’t only earn money from the affiliate products you sell but also from referring new affiliates and the products that they sell.

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Great Affiliate Products may be Higher Ticket Items

Depending on how you approach your affiliate marketing and the target market you are looking at it may be better to consider higher ticket items to promote then lower ticket items. If you are promoting your affiliate products through article marketing then it may be better to advertise higher ticket items for example as the amount of work to write an article for a higher ticket item is the same as for a lower ticket item but you will probably earn more from selling one higher ticket item then from selling a number of lower ticket items with one article.

In conclusion, when looking for great affiliate products look for products that others want and buying, that have a great commission structure and that may be higher ticket items. Also the best affiliate programs are often tiered and offer great service.

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