The Importance of Local Search keywords

To stay ahead in the rankings, it’s important to be at or near the top of the SERPs for keywords that are highly relevant. The problem is that you’ll likely face competition from businesses with significant SEO resources-but not always! By using geo-targeting, you can take advantage of the fact that local search optimization has recently become an essential part of the algorithm. Higher visibility in your local marketplace means your business will get noticed when it matters most such as during busy times like holidays & weekends.

So, let’s take a quick look at how you can take advantage of local search marketing.

Using Keywords that are Specific to a Location

What is important here is that you want to avoid being surrounded by really tough keyword competition. You can accomplish this in search engines by employing a strategy that targets keywords that are specific to your locality.

The more specific your keywords, the better. For example, instead of targeting “buy shoes” with a generic phrase such as ‘shoe purchase,’ you should be more precise and target New York City residents specifically – which makes it easier for people searching online to find what they need!

In this case, the key goal is to reduce the number of options to the smallest number possible. You can even be as specific as limiting some of the keywords you employ to the level of a specific street. You should, however, make every effort to cover as much of your service region as feasible.

Why do you want to target such specific keywords?

Geo-targeted SEO provides a number of advantages that cannot be overlooked by SEO professionals or business owners. Some of these include:

  • Ranking for extremely competitive search terms such as “protein supplements” or “bakery” is nearly impossible for small businesses. Ranking for location-specific keywords is significantly easier because the competition is far less intense.
  • Lower Cost – Because SEO efforts require financial investment, when you target highly competitive terms, the campaign can soon become prohibitively expensive. You can save a lot of money by geotargeting your ads.
  • Less Time – It might take up to a year or more to rank on the top page of Google for competitive keywords, depending on your industry. Less Time – With geotargeting campaigns, the amount of time required is significantly reduced.
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How to Make Use of Geo-Targeting

First and foremost, however, is that Geo-targeting in SEO can be both simple and complex at the same time. However, there are various tactics that you can employ, and some are very effective. Consider, for example, the following:

Developing Appropriate Landing Pages

Using geo-targeted keywords for both paid advertisements and organic searches is one viable strategy. However, in order to take full advantage of the traffic, you should match up the searcher’s intent with a specific, targeted landing page. If this means multiple landing pages per campaign, then so be it, but make sure that the visitor identifies your service as being local to their location and conversions will rise.

Targeted top-level domains (TLDs) are being used.

This is a strategy that you really should consider using if you intend to launch a website that will serve local markets.

TLDs (top level domains) are domains with extensions that are distinctive to a certain country or region, such When referring to the country-specific Google search engines used by the users, this has significantly more significance than you might imagine.

When talking about less obvious SEO strategies, we can also cite a number of types of less obvious techniques that can be used for a geo-targeting campaign such as:

Getting Your Business Listed in Local Business Directories

Generally speaking, for local SEO purposes, company directories that are focused on a specific region are far more important than larger directories that have a worldwide reach. This is especially true if you can concentrate your efforts on the location-specific landing pages that we discuss more below.

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Trading Goods and Services with Local Businesses

When it comes to location-specific campaigns, the link you receive from a business that serves the same geographic area as yours is really valuable. The latter is especially true if they already have a substantial amount of local coverage on search engines such as Google. Aim for a variety of barter arrangements that you may put together and always choose something that is favorable to both parties.


Nowadays, it is necessary to focus your SEO efforts, in most cases, on a specific location. Local search traffic converts better and is easier to generate simply because competition levels are lower than for non-geo-targeted keywords. Try to bear this in mind when launching a service or product aimed at your local market and not only will you find it easier to convert, but you will also spend significantly less money generating the leads. Try and secure the services of a competent and experienced local SEO agency for even better results.

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